This form 'below' only for Gymnasts Requiring Housing.

Housing & After Camp Activities

      We get many Campers from gyms all over.  Some gyms are close enough to commute.  Some gymnasts stay with relatives in the area.  Some families come and spend the week in Erie either at a hotel or camp. 

      EGC does not directly provide housing, but does help facilitate housing for our visiting families.  Some EGC Team Parents have graciously opened their homes to adopt a gymnast (or 2) for the week.   They adopt the gymnast and bring them into their homes.  They drive them back and forth to the gym, they prepare meals and pack their lunch, and they take them to our 'nightly activities'.  They provide a bed, shower....

      For many gymnasts "this is the camp experience"!  Some of these relationships have turned into great friendships where they keep in contact with each other after camp, visit and write each other....

     EGC sends a letter to our Team Athletes asking if anyone is interested in "Hosting" a gymnast for camp.  From there, we use the "Doug - screening test".  This means... "Doug" as a father considers - "would I allow and feel comfortable with my daughter staying with that family?"  It is the same system we use for hiring EGC Staff.  I need to know that I would feel comfortable and safe with my son or daughter being coached by that person prior to hiring them.

     Once we receive the replies, we sort through and try to match gymnasts by age, level, and interests.  When we have a match, we pass on the phone number and contact information to both sets of parents.  From here, you can make arrangements for the week.

     We ask that you make a minimum donation to the family of at least $50.00 for the extra food, towels, wash... for the week.  That again is between you and the host family and EGC is not involved in these arrangements. 

     We also ask that you sign a "Consent to Treat" waiver with the host family & the gym.  In the event of an illness or injury, the host family can act quickly in the event of an emergency.

      As a "gym function" in the evenings after Camp, we often get together for some fun and relaxation.  You are invited to participate even if you are not staying with a family.  We typically as a "group" take one evening to go to Presque Isle Beach and swim.  Another evening we typically have a cookout and swim at our friends Pond.  We also typically take one evening and ride the rides at Waldemeer Amusement Park.  Please send additional money for this activity.   

     If you would like to secure "Housing" with one of our Host Families please submit the following form.  Please make sure you 'click' submit, and you "must" also apply for the "Camp" online.  You can create an account on the buttons provided above.

Coaching Staff

~~EGC employs numerous gymnastics professionals for the team camp. All are leaders in the gymnastics industry.

  • Douglas Pershun:  President & Program Director of Team Lightning Inc. / Head                      .               .     Coach - Team Lightning Optional Teams.
  • Tina Pershun:  Asst. Program Director / Head Coach - Team Lightning Compulsory         .        .    .    Teams.
  • Mike Mazreku:  Head Coach Hershey Ariels --  Coached for CPAG / X-cel / Gym Dandy's, & Prestige Gymnastics. 
  • Sherri Melson: - former EGC Competitive Coach, now Owner of Flyer Gymnastics & Head Coach of Flyers Teams.
  • Ron Cooper:  Former Owner Greenville Gymnastics / National Coach / Clinician / Allegheny College Tumbling Coach...
  • Terri Bailey:  Current National & Elite Level Women's Gymnastics Judge.
  • Justin Whitman:  Current Team Lightning Men's Coach / Former National Level 10 Competitive Athlete for Erie Gymnastics.
  • Support & Guest Coaching Staff & Clinicians - Asa Croasmun - Level 10 National Gymnasts & NCAA Temple Athlete // Marissa Melson - Former Team Lightning Optional & Asst. Coach - Flyers / Peyton Schuller - Team Lightning Level 10 ~ current Penn State Gymnastics Team Member / Chelsea Cowan - Team Lightning Level 10 / scholarship Athlete Gannon Univ. / Dustin Hinkson - TL Level 5 Coach / Cortney Froman - L5 Asst Coach - former Optional for Warren Powerhouse / Cindy Bretz - L4 Head Coach / Jesse Pershun L4 Asst. Coach... 

Member Club

2016 - 2017

Competitive Team camp 2018

June 25th - 29TH

(Monday thru Friday)

$375.00 / Week

This is 1/3 the cost of the "Resort Camps".

General Information

By Head Coach & Program Director - Douglas Pershun

     Thank you for taking an interest in our 27th Annual Team Clinic. We welcome you to take part in our funtastic clinic. Each year, we take pride in providing a really positive & exciting camp experience for all competitive gymnasts.


    We are NOT one of the giant Gymnastics Summer Glamour Camps that you send your kids away to. We don't even try to compete with the Multi-Million Dollar Summer Camps and all of the toys they can provide. We do not have nor offer Horse Back Riding, Face Painting, Bungee Tramps, nor Rock Climbing. We will not bring celebrity athletes and coaches in to get your pictures taken with either.

      What we have to offer is a real gymnastics working clinic. Our Team Coaches & Camp Staff are full time gymnastics professionals, not college kids trying to pay for camp tuition. Their lives and livelihoods revolve around the sport of gymnastics. We are truly seeking to improve gymnasts and gymnastics in our area.

     Our camp is about instilling good work habits, technique, and developing new skills. Sharing ideas and experiences with like-minded athletes and coaches. We are a "Work Horse" Camp!

      As a "Work Horse" camp, we are interested in providing a fun, positive, educationally valuable experience. We will send the gymnasts home tired & sore each day, but happy that they moved closer to their goals. At camp, they will work hard and they will develop their skill. They will make new friends, share ideas, and generally come back with renewed motivation and learning tools. We know this from the area gymnasts and parents that return year after year.

     One of the most rewarding and interesting phenomena about the camp is the last 2 hours of the week. The last 2 hours of the Team Clinic, we have a little gymnastics version of Show & Tell. We invite all of the parents in and each of the gymnasts show off their newly acquired skills. Even after coaching 25+ years, I still get a thrill by watching the upcoming athletes perform their new skills. The greatest coaching satisfaction lies in this area.

     We hope you will make plans to attend our clinic this year & hope to see you soon!


Beautiful Facility

 Beautiful facility Specifically designed for

Competitive Gymnastics

  • •9,000 sq. ft. facility •In-ground Resi-Pits (used for all events)
  • •42' x 42' ft. Sprint Olympic Tumbling Floor w. 60 ft double wide Tumbling Strip.
  • • Multi Beam Complex with Floor Beams thru Competitive Beams.
  • •30 ft. Tumble-trac Trampoline & 2 Mini Tramps
  • •2 Olympic spec Uneven Bars & interchangeable single rail in pit + Tumble-trac bar rig
  • •AAI Olympic spec. Vault Table / 80 ft. 2" runner & mini trainer Vault •40 ft. mirror wall
  • •Overhead spotting rigs
  • •Multiple sets of mats, skill cushions, wedge mats, rolo's, sting mats

Team Lightning Campers - sporting their "I Survived Team Lighting Camp" T-Shirts
"By the end of Camp we were all tired and beat up!"  But we had a great camp!

example of daily

training schedule

  •  9:00- 10:00- General Stretch/ Flexibility & Strength (varies daily) Dance Warm-up. Ballet / Zumba / Aerobics / Jazz
  • 10:00 - 11:00- Tumbling & Floor Exercise
  • 11:00 - 12:00- Balance Beam
  • 12:00 - 1:00- Lunch & Guest Speakers (varies daily) Judges / Motivation / Nutrition / Choreography / by leading experts in their respective fields
  • 1:00 - 2:00- Uneven Bars & Single Rail
  • 2:00 - 3:00- Vaulting
  • 3:00 - 4:00- Trampoline / Mini /Tumble Tramp
  • 4:00+ Nightly Fun Group Activities: Beach Night at Presque Isle / Pool Party / Waldemeer Amusement & Water Park Night...

4725 Park Harbor Dr, EriePennsylvania 16511, United States

Online Camp Registration

  • LIMIT & DEPOSIT -(Limit - first 70 athletes) - must be secured with $50.00 non-refundable deposit.  Camp fills each year, no refunds or partial refunds are given due to the fact that participating gymnasts are taking a spot.
  • AGE & LEVEL REQUIREMENTS - Gymnast must be 6 years old or higher and must be an equivalent entry Level USAG 3 athlete or higher.
  • HOUSING - Gymnasts requiring housing are typically placed with Host Families of Team Lightning Athletes.  Visiting Gymnasts are typically placed with volunteer families by age and level.  We also consider pet allergies, hobbies, interests as well when trying to house visiting gymnasts.  Although Team Lightning Inc. helps facilitate this process, Team Lightning Inc. can not be held responsible for injuries, illness, home sick, or other problems that happen outside of the Training Camp & our Facility.  We provide you and the host family with a "Consent to Treatment" form so that the host family is not held liable and can act quickly in the event of an emergency.  We also request that you make a 'donation' of $50.00 or more to the host family for the additional costs associated with housing a gymnast (Food / Wash / Laundry...)  Team Lightning Inc. does not participate in this transaction.  Additional Paperwork is necessary for any athlete requiring housing.  Most times these 'unions' work excellent, and is a great experience for both the visiting gymnast and the host family.  Many times these athletes become good friends and stay in touch throughout their careers and request the same family at future camps.
  • REGISTRATION - We have a new "Online Registration" process.  Please click the link below to start the process.  It is rather simple.  You will be prompted to create an account.  If you have already created an account, you can login and select the camp.  If you are new to our system, you will be prompted to create an account.  This is fairly straight forward requiring your basic Family and Student Information.  You will be required to e-sign our Release Waiver.  You will also be required to provide your financial information and agree to 'online billing'.  Erie Gymnastics Center uses iClassPro & as our e-software.  They are both highly secure, and even EGC does not have access to your banking information.
  • SELECT CAMP - Once registered, select the Team Lightning Camp / or Pre-Camp (members).  This will immediately generate a charge for the deposit, and then the remainder will be charged the first banking day of June.  You will receive an email confirmation of your acceptance & once you have an account, you will be able to print statements or invoices.
  • T-SHIRT - Please remember to include a T-Shirt Size.
  • CONDITIONING - Camp is very rigorous.  Gymnasts should try to prepare for camp by maintaining a daily workout regime of exercises & workouts.  These workouts should increase in time and intensity as Camp Dates near. 
  • NUTRITION - EGC does not have cooking nor food preparation capabilities.  All Gymnasts are to bring a nutritious bag lunch each day.  Please realize they will burn many calories throughout the camp, so considerations should be made for this.  EGC will provide beverages for the camp - high in electrolytes. 
  • QUESTIONS - Included on any page of this website is a direct email to Douglas Pershun - Program Director.  Please feel free to write with any questions.  Typically Doug takes his family vacation during the first 2 weeks of June - often to remote corners of the globe where there is no internet access.  If you do not get a reply, please call the gym and one of our staff will get back of you.