Prime Athletics

Dubois, PA

2019 Participating Teams

Renzi's Gymnastics

Solon, OH

Donachy Gymnastics

Kersey, PA

Felcon Gymnastics

Belle Vernon, PA


Moon Township, PA

Off Limits

New Castle, PA

And Summit.

Eagle Gymnastics

Canadaigua, NY

Blaze Gymnastics

Syracuse, NY

Bayside Sports Academy

St. Petersburg, FL

Gymsport Gems

Bridgeville, PA

Main Event

USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event

100 National Level Gymnasts Competing

Saturday Jan. 19th


Bayfront Convention Center

Tickets Available at the Door

Adults: $15.00 / Child 3-17 - $7.00 / Military, Fire, Police, Rescue - Free with proper ID


Stars & Stripes


4725 Park Harbor Dr, EriePennsylvania 16511, United States


Acro Cats

Niagara Falls, ONT

Gymnastics Sports Academy

Lancaster, NY

Gemini Gymnastics

Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Parents, Coaches & Athletes,

     On behalf of Erie Gymnastics Center and the Team Lightning Boosters, we welcome you to the 18th Annual Stars & Stripes Coed Invitational. The following page contains the times of this years Flights as well as important meet information.

  •  This is a 9/11 Tribute Competition.  The 1st Stars & Stripes was founded in the aftermath of 9/11 & we've continued this tradition over the years.  We are proud of our Military, Fire, Police, and Rescue Workers (Past / Present / Future) who risk their lives to protect ours.  Our club is made up of many Parents & Relatives who work in these fields.  The gymnastics community is also made up of many Families who earn their living in these noble fields of work.  With that Spirit in mind, we admit FREE all members of the Military, Police, Fire, & Rescue Workers.  Admissions is controlled by the Convention Center, so please bring your badge and current or Military ID to the Athlete Registration Table for a Pass.
  • Please feel free to sport your Red, White, & Blue.
  • Each year we donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities that benefit Military, Police, Fire, and Rescue Charities.  We also solicit requests to fill the bucket to support these charities.
  • Local Heroes have been recruited to be present at Awards Ceremonies and Award the athletes.  If you are a member of any of these noble occupations, we can use your help as well with the Awards Ceremony, so feel free to jump right up and help!. 


  • We will need to run by the clock to have a smooth competition. Please have the gymnasts ready at their scheduled times. Also please consider the driving conditions and weather in your travels.
  • The Stars & Stripes is hosted at Erie's Bayfront Convention Center & NOT Erie Gymnastics Center.  Each year we get several paniced calls from Parents / Coaches who show up at our gym and find no one there.  Directions are provided on this link (Directions to Bayfront Convention Center). Although the Street Name Changes, the Bayfront Convention Center is located on the Bayfront Parkway which is really just an extension of I-79, and loops back up to I-90. It's really easy to get to and very convenient. This is a really great location with good seating, ample space, parking, and plenty to do in the immediate area.
  • While in Erie, we hope you enjoy our city.  There are many things to do in the area.  For things to do in the area, please check our page - "Things to Do".
  • PARKING -- Parking is Free & ample at the Convention Center.
  • All Flights are Non-Traditional Format (Warm-up an event, Compete that event).  There is a separate Warm-up Gym with identical equipment.
  • All Age Determinations are as of PA USAG Rules & Policies.  An age determination chart is listed in the next section.  Please check that you have provided us with accurate Birthdates & that your Athletes / Child attends the correct Flight.  These dates often vary from State to State.  The official dates are explained below.  
  • Age Grouping meets or exceeds USAG Recommendations.  Due to the large number of athletes, some age groups will be broken into Junior & Senior Divisions for awards. We use the same method USAG uses to determine Jr. & Sr. Divisions. All athletes will be pooled together, then an arbitrary date will be selected to divide the age groups evenly.
  •  Large teams should bring an adequate number of coaches to the event. Large Teams will be split into multiple squads.
  • Judges from PA, OH, & NY have been contracted for the event. They will be mixed so as to provide fair representation to all competitors. Please be respectful of the officials and meet personnel. If there are any questions, you should inquire with your coach, and never an official!  Official Score Inquiries are provided at the Head Table and must be presented to the Meet Referee or Meet Director.
  • Team Awards:  Team Awards for Compulsory Teams will consist of 5 top scores / event for Large Team Divisions (3 Scores for Small Team Divisions.  Optional Teams will consist of the 3 top scores / event.  Men's Level 4 & 5 will be top 3 scores.  Men's Level 6 - 10 will be top 2 scores to allow more competition.
  • Individual & Team Awards go 50% deep with additional Participation Ribbons for Levels 2 & 3.
  • This has always been a FUN Meet! Please help us keep it that way. Please cheer for everyone and applaud ALL of the athletes efforts - not just your own. Please keep gym politics & rivalry out of this meet!
  • We use all the Official Pomp & Circumstance for this meet. Please make sure all athletes are in Full Uniform for awards and during the event.
  • It is a NEW Rule in PA that all athletes must be in Team Leotard or Warm-up!     T-Shirts / Street Clothes... are not permitted on the Awards Stand.

Sunday - Jan. 20th 2019

Friday - Jan. 18th 2019

Above the Barre

Berea, OH

Gym Dandy's

Meadowlands, PA


Charleston, WV

Butler Hy-Flyers

Butler, PA

Chalk Box

Ashtabula, OH

And Prime Athletics

Millers Gymnastics

McKeesport, PA


Middleburg Heights, OH

Summit Gymnastics

Somerset, PA




  • All Women's Ages are determined by the Pennsylvania State Championships for each perspective Level.  For those levels NOT having an 'Official State Championship' in PA, those ages are of the last day of Stars & Stripes. 
  • Level 2 will be as of the final day of Stars & Stripes - 1/21/19
  • ​Level 3 -  Age as of 5/12/19
  • Level 4 -  Age as of  5/5/19
  • Level 5 -  Age as of  4/28/19
  • Level 6 -  Age as of  4/7/19
  • Level 7 -  Age as of  3/31/19
  • Level 8 -  Age as of 3/24/19
  • Level 9 -  Age as of   3/17/19
  • Level 10 - Age as of  3/17/19
  • Xcel - Bronze - As of Stars & Stripes - 1/21/19
  • Xcel - Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond Age as of 5/19/19
  • Age Groups will be determined using a similar method to the USAG Nationals Age Group Divisions.  Gymnasts will be sorted by age, then subdivided into Junior / Senior groups for that age group.   The split will be determined by the Meet Director - until fair, reasonably sized groups are achieved.
  • Age Groups may vary in size depending on number or athletes / age / level / session.
  • Awards will be 50% for Individual & Team
  • Team Awards : Compulsory Teams consist of the 5 top scores per event / Optional Teams consist of the 3 top scores per event.


  • All Ages are as of May 31st 2019.The Junior Olympic competitive season is defined as September 1 – May 31. For all aspects of the Men’s Junior Olympic Age Group Program, a gymnast’s competitive age throughout the entire competitive season is determined by the age he will be on May 31 of the current competitive season. (For example: For all competitions held from September 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019, a gymnast’s competitive age is determined by his age as of May 31, 2019). As a result of moving the gymnast’s competitive age forward to the current competitive season, there will be no ‘age mobility’ or ‘age bumping’ in the junior program.
  • Age Groups will be determined using a similar method to the USAG Nationals Age Group Divisions.  Gymnasts will be sorted by age, then subdivided into Junior / Senior groups for that age group - until fair, reasonably sized groups are achieved.
  • Awards will be 50% for Individual & Team.
  • Compulsory Teams consist of the top 3 scores / event.  Optional Teams will consist of the top 2 scores per event.

Saturday - Jan. 19th 2019

Stars & Stripes Competitive Schedule

Jan. 18th - 21st, 2019

     Dear Gymnastics Fans, Erie Gymnastics Center & Team Lightning Boosters are proud to present the 18th Annual Stars & Stripes Coed Invitational.  EGC & Team Lightning welcome nearly 2,000 gymnasts participating this year from over 50 quality gymnastics clubs.  This is a USA Gymnastics Sanctioned event with nearly 100 National Level competitive athletes attending this year.  For those of you who are not familiar with the "Level System" in USA Gymnastics, Level 10 is the highest Level and that which you would watch on television.  We are showcasing our "Main Event" held on Saturday Night starting at 5:30pm. However all of the sessions are unique and feature great competition and interesting insight into the development of the athletes.  Below are the scheduled times for the various competitive levels competing throughout the weekend.

Pinnacle Gymnastics

Medina, OH

Greater Buffalo

Buffalo, NY


Pittsburgh, PA

Flyers Gymnastics

Falconer, NY


Mayfield Villiage, OH

Team Lightning

Erie, PA

Lakettes & Lakers

Erie, PA

G-Force Gymnastics

Morgantown, WV


New Brighton, PA

Emerald City

Kittaning, PA

North Olmsted

North Olmsted, OH

All Around

Mentor, OH


Gibsonia, PA

Perfect 10

Ambridge, PA


Mayfield Vilage, OH

Alison Biondi

Irwin, PA


Greenville, PA

Nittany Gymnastics

State College, PA


Pittsburgh, PA

Brandy Marie's

Sarver, PA

All Star Athletics

Pittsburgh, PA


Greensburg, PA

Gym Connection 2

East Syracuse, NY

Jump Start!

Beechwood, OH

Stumpf's Gymnastics

Williamsville, NY

Pgh. Northstars

Pittsburgh, PA

Lake Erie Gymnastics School

Mentor, OH

Monday - Jan. 21st 2019

Stumpf's Gymnastics

Williamsville, NY


Johnstown, PA


Cranberry Twp, PA


Delmont, PA

Bright Raven

Rochester, NY

G-2 Gymnastics

Shinglehouse, PA

O.P. Gymsters

Orchard Park, NY