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Current Members Only -  The following Links are here ONLY to retrieve historical data from the 14-15 School Year Program (statements / invoices...).  This link is to iClassPro (our former Gym Management Software).  As of 4/1/15, we have switched to Jackrabbit Gym Management Software, and will no longer use iClassPro.  While in transition, any new classes or business beginning with our Summer Programs will all be with Jackrabbit.  We will keep our account open with iClassPro until 6/31/15 for residual accounts & statements.  After this time, all Historical information will be unavailable and we will no longer keep an account with iClassPro.


Current EGC Members

     Dear Parent, 

           Again, as of 4/1/15, we are initiating new Gym Management software (Jackrabbit).  We think you will love this newer software, and it should make your life & ours a little easier.  It offers numerous more features than our previous software, and we again think you will like this even better.    We were able to import "SOME" of your information from our previous software system.  However, this was just the basics... Name, Address, Student name....  However we were able to bring over your email.  With this, you can start right at the Parent Portal.

      Click the Green Button  for a short video and to check out some of the new features.  

*  If you are ready to get started, click the Red Parent Portal Button below.

1. Click on “CUSTOMER LOGIN”

2. Enter email address as your login ID.

3. Select the “I DON’T KNOW MY PASSWORD” link

4. You will be sent an email with a temporary password to utilize online registration and information. We encourage you to change your temporary password to a personal password after your initial login.  Remember to click "Save" after any changes

If you ever need help with your account or logging in to the Parent Portal, please call the Front Desk at 814-898-2936.

IMPORTANT NOTES & TROUBLESHOOTING:  If you click on the “I don’t have or know my password” link and do not receive an automatically generated password in your email inbox, it is likely that the email address you’ve provided is not the one we have on file. Please contact us, so we can correct the email account associated with your account. 

New Member USING Jackrabbit for the 1st time.

   Current Members - scroll to next section.

  Using Jackrabbit is pretty simple and self-explanatory.  From almost all of our pages, you can 'click' on a link for 'Create an Account'.  Once you click on this link you will be redirected to our REGISTRATION PAGE.

*  In order to use this, you must have a valid email and make sure your email account accepts emails

     from staff@eriegymnastics.com.

* Click "Create an Account" or Click "Register" for the class you are interested in.

* You will get our Erie Gymnastics Center Registration Form.

     - Please fill in all required fields. (red asterisks denote 'required' fields)

     - You will also have to read and agree to our policies.  Place a check in the box next to the policies.

         You must agree to all policies to be accepted.  We apologize in advance for the harshness of the

         policies, however find them necessary to protect us as a business in our extremely litigious

         society we live in.  Part 1 agrees you won't sue us for any reason.  Part 2 agrees to

         understanding the Risks involved with Sports - our sport specifically.  Part 3 agrees to our

         payment policies, and is very important for parents / guardians to understand.  Part 4 allows us

         to treat your child in the event of an illness or emergency.  Part 5 - agrees we can use your

         Child's photo for promotion of EGC possibly on our website, facebook page, or other media.

     -  Lastly, you MUST secure your account with either a Credit Card (Master Card / VISA) or

         Banking Account information.  Students without this information will NOT be processed nor

         accepted into classes. 

*  In a few moments, please check your email account.  You will receive a "temporary password".

     Click the "Parent Portal" link, and use your email and that password to access your account.

*  Once in the Parent Portal, please change the password to one of your liking.  From the Parent

      Portal you can use the many features offered by this software.  Explore & Enjoy.



    If you are a current EGC Customer, as of 5/31/15 we are no longer using iClassPro as our gym management system.     We have (are in the process) of converting our records to Jackrabbit Technologies Gym Management Software.  Your current account with us through iClassPro will expire at the end of May, and we will keep it (for residual accounts) for 30 days.  If you need statements for tax purposes or Spousal support, you will have until June 30th 2015 to print reports out for your records.  After June 30th, our account will be closed, and there will be no customer access to that data.  We will notify you via email of this.

*  The reasons for this change are many, however we believe that Jackrabbit Technologies will offer you and Erie Gymnastics Center more popular features and an overall better online experience.


Note from Doug Pershun - President of Team Lightning Inc. dba Erie Gymnastics Center (the owner).  I am highly skeptical of technology, especially when it comes to providing online personal information concerning my Children or Financial information.  However, in this 'new age' of ecommerce most people use a variety of services to pay their mortgage, online banking, debit transactions for purchases....  I did a thorough check of this company which is used by thousands of schools, Gymnastics Clubs, Dance / Karate Schools, Sport Clubs....  I would never expect an EGC Family or Patron to use a program that I would not myself feel comfortable using.  I have always used this same 'litmus test' when hiring Staff at Erie Gymnastics Center.  If I didn't feel comfortable or safe with a staff member teaching, coaching, spotting my child, then I would never allow them to work with your child.  I subscribe to this notion for the 'Online Management System' used by EGC.  We also value your privacy and will never sell nor provide your data to anyone or other company.  Neither I nor my staff will be able to see your financial date other than the last 4 didgets of your Credit Card.
We hope you appreciate our concern for your safety & privacy.


POLICY FOR ALL WEBSITES (required by Cardholder Associations)

PRIVACY POLICY:  “We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.”

SECURITY POLICY  “Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.”

REFUND POLICY  Erie Gymnastics Center does not provide refunds for its services.  All sales and services are final.  

SHIPPING POLICY  This is not applicable. "There are no products shipped."

Erie Gymnastics Center

Online Class Registration



     As of 4/1/15, Erie Gymnastics has teamed up with Jackrabbit Technologies to offer you the convenience, safety & security of Online Class Registration and more!  From our website, you will be able to access the Erie Gymnastics Center Parent Portal.  From this Parent Portal you will be able to perform a number of tasks from the convenience of your home, iPod, iPhone... from anywhere in the world.


*  You can set-up your own Password Protected Account.

*  You can e-sign all Paperwork such as EGC Registration Forms and Release Forms.

*  You will be able to sort through our available Classes and Teams at both Erie Gymnastics Center Facilities and directly sign up for that class.

*  You will be able to access your financial information and print out Statements & Invoices.

*  You will be able to sign up for additional Programs such as Back Handspring Clinics, Birthday Parties, Camps... offered by Erie Gymnastics Center.

*  You will be able to automatically pay tuition, Registration Fees, additional charges via your Credit / Debit Card or Checking / Savings Account - via secure bank encrypted technology.



* Jackrabbit offers additional spaces to provide additional emergency numbers such as Grandma's Phone number

* Jackrabbit  has a 'safe word' feature that offers protection to your child in the event you had to send another adult to pick up your child. 

* Jackrabbit is bank encrypted so that even staff of EGC can not see or get access to your financial information.

* Jackrabbit  offers a text / auto-phone / email feature which can be used to immediately inform you of a gym closing due to weather or power outage.  This is the same technology that most schools are using to provide information to the Parents.

* Jackrabbit will allow you the parent to communicate more easily with the Staff and Management at Erie Gymnastics Center.  You will be able to easily notify us if your child is ill or will miss class.  You will be able to direct emails concerning your child's progress to our staff.  Our staff will also be able to perform a 'check list' of skills necessary to promote your child to the next level. 

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