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 Class Focus: This class is new USA Gymnastics Competitive Level 1. EGC does not at this time offer competition for this program.  There is really no difference in our curriculum for the Intermediate Kinder & Intermediate Level students other than age and presentation of material. This level builds on the basics learned in the Beginner or Kinder Classes. More class time is allotted in that the skills at this level are more difficult to master. A larger emphasis is placed on strength & flexibility to make the skills more attainable. Intermediate students are introduced to more intricate gymnastics skills on all of the various gymnastics equipment. The students work on all of the gymnastics equipment - Floor (tumbling), Bars, Balance Beam, Vaulting, Trampoline.... The gymnasts can expect to learn One arm Cartwheels, Walking Handstands, Back Walkovers ... as well as the equivalent Intermediate level skills on the various equipment. Our Intermediate classes are fun, safe and a great way to continue growing in the sport. The average student takes a school year to master this level. Students successful at this class are promoted to Advanced Recreational Level 2.

Intermediate Gymnastics


& Int. Kinder

Age: 7+  Intermediate
Age: 4-6 Intermediate Kinder

Class Length:  90 min. / week

USA Gymnastics Level 1 Program