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Private School / Club Team Classes

PRIVATE Cheer Tumble Classes - These classes are open only to School Teams as arranged by the School Coach. All athletes must have the approval of the School Coach to enroll. Any team wishing to have a Private Class for your team, please have your coach contact our Offices. Please select the class and time you like and click Register
Tumble Classes - Beginner Tumble is open to any student. Advanced Tumblers must SAFELY have a Standing Back Handspring by themselves without a spoter or be recommended or tested into the class by our Coaching Staff to enter. Please select the class and time you like and click Register

Tumbling / Cheer Tumble / Acrobatics

PREMIER ACRO TUMBLING CENTER:   Erie Gymnastics Center had produced some of the best Tumblers in the world.  There are many keys to our success in being the area's leader in producing top tumblers.  Part of our success is attributed to a knowledgeable staff, well trained with the mechanics, physics, spotting,  and technical knowledge necessary to produce great tumblers.  We also invest in the top safety and training equipment.  A key to successful tumbling is to provide safety to the athletes.  In addition, we highly value the basic and foundation skills to build upon.  

BUYER BEWARE:   There are numerous competitors in the area who offer tumbling / acrobatics cheaper than we do.  However you typically get what you pay for, and the safety of your child should be a priority.  Many Dance, Cheer, Bounce, organizations have staff with little or no tumbling qualifications or recognized credentials in teaching Acro / Tumbling.  Many organizations have young kids teaching their classes, 'street tumblers', or 'Mom's' securing their kids spot on the team.  Most are not affiliated with any National Organization such as USA Gymnastics or .  Quite frequently we are called upon to fix their mistakes when they can't get any further up the ladder.  Too often athletes in unqualified programs suffer needless injuries, have & develop obscure fears, and have poor technique habits which are hard to break.

    EGC has 2 'state of the art' facilities with over $200,000.00 in safety & training equipment.  We have 2 full size Competitive Spring Tumbling Floors / 2 - 30 foot Tumble Trac Tumble Trampolines / 2 Euro-Tramp Mini Trampolines / In-ground Resi-Pits / 2 above groud Resi-Pits / Multiple sets of... Back Handspring Trainer mats / Skill Cushions / Incline Trainers / Rolo-mats / Panel Mats / Spring Boards / and a host of mini-equipment for the younger athletes. 


     There are many sports that directly and indirectly use tumbling and acrobatic skills in their chosen sport.  Our tumbling classes are extremely popular with Cheerleaders.  EGC has trained most of the top Cheerleaders in the area.  EGC works with numerous College / High School / All Star / and Grade School Teams.

     In addition to Cheerleaders, tumbling is popular with Diver's / Skiers / Martial Artists / Skaters / BMX / Parkour /  Dancers / Gymnasts and a number of other sports.  EGC is your premier acro-training center in the area.


Beginner Tumble:  Beginner Tumble is for anyone who has an interest in learning to tumble.  We rate Beginner's as athletes who do not yet have a "Back Handspring" by themselves without a spot.  This class focuses on all the Basic skills necessary to learn to tumble.  Beginner's can expect to learn Rolls, Cartwheels, Handstands, Walkovers, and of course Back Handsprings.  The class is fun and fast paced.

Advance Tumble:  Advanced Tumble is defined as athletes capable of performing a minimum of a "Back Handspring" without a spot.  This class expands on the basics of Tumbling and athletes can expect to learn... Round-off multiple Back Handsprings / Front and Back Tucks / Layouts / Twisting / Whip-backs....  Our staff continually works to improve basics as well as challenges the student with the next tumbling feat.

Group Tumble:  Group Tumble is "groups" of students who contract EGC to train them for tumbling.  We offer group rates for Cheer and Athletic Teams who wish to improve their tumbling.  EGC works with most of the top teams in the area.  Call for a quote to get your team involved.

Cheer Tumble


Tramp & Tumble


Age: 7+  Beginner Tumble
        (learning back handspring)

Age: 7+  Advanced Tumble
       (can perform back handspring solo)

Class Length:  60 min. / week

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