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Autism & Special Needs


CLASS FOCUS:   Our Special Needs Classes are taught by certified Instructors with experience and degrees in working with children with Special Needs.  The class instructors prepare lessons tailored to help and appeal to each child's needs. 

   The children work on all the gymnastics apparatus.  They work skills on Floor (tumbling), Bars, Balance Beams, Vaulting, as well as strength & flexibility.  Many students also like the Trampolines, Rope Swings, and Shaped Mats as well.  Our excellent staff work on short and long range goals with the students and challenge them individually.

   Most students are accompanied by their Parents, Relatives, or TSS aids.  In addition to Physical skills, the children also work on Social skills... group participation, following directions, playing with others....  Higher functioning students are often directed to eventually participate in our Regular Class Programs.

    EGC discounts these class to the bare minimum in tuition costs.  We realize that many Special Needs families have expenses far beyond those of families without Special Needs children.  We just try to cover our costs and do not make any profit off these programs.  Often parents also can qualify for funding through a number or State & Government programs.

    EGC also works with a number of schools and agencies to provide group classes for their students.  If interested in this program for you school or organization, please call the gym make arrangements.


Autism & Special Needs Gymnastics

Age: 4 +
Class Length:  1 hour / week
   EGC Loves ALL Children!  We believe it is important for ALL Children to maintain Physical Fitness, learn Healthy Habits, and have Fun!  EGC's Special Needs classes help children with a variety of Physical or Mental Challenges have fun and learn through Gymnastics.  For many students with Physical or Mental Handicaps, we 'main-stream' them into our regular class schedule.  For those who need a little more attention, we offer our Autism & Special Needs Classes.