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Two Gyms...one program


Phone: 814-898-2936

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Harborceek Gym: (Main Office & Mailing Address)

4725 Park Harbor Drive

Erie, PA  16511


West Erie Gym (Millcreek):

2660 Zuck Rd  

Erie, PA  16506

(inside Westwood Racquet Club)


Each child at Erie Gymnastics is considered unique and special and treated as such.  Each child, along with their parents, comes to Erie Gymnastics with their own unique goals, ambitions, and expectations.  Erie Gymnastics knows that each child comes with talents and weaknesses.  Each child is challenged to be the best they can be by enhancing their strengths and improving their weaknesses.


Our small classes foster friendships and help improve confidence and self-image in our students.  We strive to channel their energy in a positive direction and improve their self-discipline.  Our staff teaches our students that movement and physical fitness is fun and encourages them to develop healthy lifestyles. 


Erie Gymnastics will schedule your child into a class that aligns with their age and abilities. This ensures that  our classes are continually challenging, but not overwhelming.   Throughout the year we perform various mobility tests to place children in classes that will better serve them.

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Our philosophy is that gymnastics is the fundamental prerequisite for all sports and physical fitness. 


Physically, gymnastics is, coordination, flexibility, strength, stamina, and
discipline of body.


Gymnastics promotes many essential mental skills and virtues.  Gymnasts develop concentration, self-discipline, sportsmanship, focus, cooperation, determination, confidence, and pride. All of which are all fostered in our programs.  Gymnastics is important for all children and leads to a lifestyle of fitness and health. Erie Gymnastics accepts all children regardless of race, creed, or handicap.