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Cirque de Soleil is coming to Erie!

Verekai - August 13th - 17th

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 USA National Gymnastics Championships

Consol Energy Center - Pittsburgh, PA

August 21st - 24th

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Member Club

2014 - 2015

Dear Gymnastics Family

     I am very sad and sorry to announce the passing of a Team Lightning Competitive Team Member - Kari (Care-Bear) McCloskey.  Kari lost her battle with Brain Cancer.  Kari was just 13 year old. 

     Kari was a Compulsory and Optional Gymnast for Team Lightning for over 5 years.  Kari was hard working, loyal, and funny.  She brightened our Practices and Meets with her smile and awesome sense of humor. 

    Kari started gymnastics very young and was originally as member of Greenville Gym-Stars.  When Gym-Stars shut down their program the McCloskey Family began searching for another program for Kari.  Kari came to a tryout at EGC, where the Team and Coaches immediately fell in love with her.  It was a crazy commitment to make by her and her family, but they made the 1.5 hour drive to Erie 4 times per week to make practices.

    Kari excelled at gymnastics and soon Advanced to the Optional Team.  She earned numerous metals and qualified to the State Championships. 

     A close friend of EGC decided to open a new program in the Greenville area - GGAC.  We didn't want to lose Kari, so we decided that she could (dual-compete) and workout at both gyms.  Keri made numerous friends there as well and all throughout the gymnastics community. 

     Soon after joining GGAC, Kari developed Brain Cancer.  Kari had a rough roller coaster ride of physical and mental challenges.  Because she couldn't compete during her treatments, GGAC employed Kari as a Junior Coach - where she helped her teammates.

     Words can not express the sorrow and sympathy we feel for the McCloskey Family and the Gym Family for our loss.

     The following link leads to the Obituary.  Gymnastics friends are asked to wear their Gym wear to the Funeral Services.


      We will so miss our little "Care Bear"

School Year Schedule 14-15

Accepting Registration Now!!!



     Welcome to Erie Gymnastics School Year Program 14-15.  We are excited to get going!  We've been extremely busy this Summer making many exciting changes in our Gyms.  We are currently in the process of expanding our EGC West Gym.  We're painting, remodeling, ordered new equipment, installed a bathroom...!  We've ordered thousands of dollars of new equipment for both gyms - including a new floor for Harborcreek.  Our awesome staff is coming back in full force, and we've brought in a few new great coaches and instructors.  We've added a couple new cool programs for some more Tumbling / Gymnastics Fun!  Also with the expansion of the EGC West Facility, we can spread out our classes and teams between the 2 gyms - giving everyone a little more space in the Gyms (and parking lots).   

     Perhaps the biggest thing you will notice immediately is that we've gone "totally online" with all of our Classes and Teams.  We have new integrated "Gym School Management" software that offers you the parent many convenient options --  Save Money / Save Time / Sign up directly from your computer at work or home, or on any electronic device / Get in the class you need to fit your busy schedule / Check and Print Account Balances / Highly Secure Financial Transactions / Convenient Billing Options / and much much more....


1.  Click one of the links - Class Schedule / Create an Account / or Parent Login

2.  If you attended this Summer, you already have an account, and just need to Login,  If you were a member here in the past 10 years or so, your email (may) be in here and some of your data was transferred over for you.  If so, try putting in your email and say "forgot password".  If we have your email, a temporary password will be sent to your inbox. 

3.  If you are new to EGC or step #2 didn't work, you will need to set up an account.  Type in your info, and an email will arrive giving you instructions on how to create your own password. (even we can't see them)!

4.  To look at the classes, you don't need to have an account, however to sign up, you will need to have an account including a (e-checked) Signature of our Release Waiver and  Financial Info complete.  Those without correct Financials or no Release Waiver will be automatically dropped from any classes.

5.  When searching for classes please select"School Year 14-15" or you will get too many choices including our Summer Classes.  You can also narrow the field of classes by age, sex, or other options, however Don't pick too many options or nothing will come up.

6.  Like all new software, it can be confusing / intimidating to use the first few times.  Don't fret or fear, our friendly office staff can walk you through it on the phone, or you can still come by the gym and fill it out from our computers if you like.

7.  If you did everything correct, you should get a checkout cart, a receipt, and a confirmation email.  Please note you will get a confirmation email first that you set up your account.  You will get a different confirmation if you were entered into a class.

8.  We still have a Family Discount (10%) and a 911 (Military / Police / Fire / Rescue) discount 25%.  You can sign up online, but you will have to bring your Badge to the gym to be processed by our staff to receive the discount. 

     Family discounts (10%) will not immediately show up online until all siblings are entered.  Also you receive 10% if your child participates in more than one class.

9.  We will be extending office hours during the summer, and someone is usually in the office mornings 8:30am - 1:00pm and in the evening 4:00pm - 7:30pm.

10.  Returning students were sent a reminder Postcard - with a Promo code on it.  There was a 'typo' on the Post Card.   It reads $10.00 off Registration, but should be $10.00 off of September Tuition.  It's still $10.00, but I accidently applied the Promo Code to the wrong portion.  It would create more work to redo it, so it will stay, and you will still save the $10 for early Registration.  Please check the postcard and use the PROMO word provided to save $10 on September Tuition. - (THIS WEEK ONLY)  offer expires August 9th!

NOT ALL CLASSES / TIMES ARE CURRENTLY UP - Every year we start with a "Skeleton Schedule".  This means we open classes we are pretty sure there will be enough interest in, and we have qualified staff to coach them.  However it is impossible for us to predict how many 5 year old Kinder Gymnasts vs.12 Year old Gymnasts will sign up for classes.  As a result, as classes start to fill, we look at 'trends' and open new classes accordingly.  If you don't see what you like, send us an email, and if there is enough interest, we will try to open a class at that time.

    Also ALL of our Classes have a Maximum Limit of Students we permit.  Typically 8:1 ratio.  Once a class fills, it will not allow you to enter this class.  However you can be put on a waiting list.  Again, if there is enough interest, we may expand that class time!  No Promises, but we aim to please!


RETURNING STUDENTS:  Please remember to check last years "Progress Report" to sign up for the correct Class.  If you forgot what Level you were to enter, call the office, and we have it.  Also, if you feel your child needs evaluated to attend a "Higher Level" class, please call for an appointment, and we will have to "Skill Evaluate" your child.